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11+ Tuition and Support
including the ISEB Pre-Test

11+ ISEB Pre Test Eton
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Having successfully prepared hundreds of pupils for entry and scholarship exams to a large number of senior schools, I am ideally placed to offer guidance and advice on preparing for the computerised elements of the ISEB pre-test, as well as being able to recommend a number of good learning platforms.

I am also happy to offer interview practice and mock interview sessions to help pupils prepare for this crucial part of the assessment process.  Whilst public schools do not want prospective pupils to be “over-coached” for their interviews (they would prefer to see them relaxed and natural) it is important for candidates to feel confident and unfazed on the day, and a certain amount of sensible preparation and forethought is immensely beneficial. Often only one or two practice sessions are enough to leave pupils feeling more self-assured and far better placed to do themselves justice on the day.

Furthermore, I have extensive experience preparing pupils for school-specific second round tests to a wide range of senior schools, including the 11+ Eton List Test and interview.

Please do get in touch if you feel I may be able to help.

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