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13+ Common Entrance
and Scholarship Tuition

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For nearly twenty years I have successfully prepared hundreds of pupils for entrance and scholarship exams to many of the top senior schools in the country including academic scholars to Eton College, Winchester, Marlborough, Uppingham, Rugby, Radley, Stowe and many more

I have taught various subjects at 13 Plus Common Entrance including English, History, Latin and Religious Studies (TPR). I have also helped more generally with academic preparation, helping pupils to develop good study techniques across the board and overseeing individual revision programmes.

Furthermore, I have prepared pupils for scholarship examinations to many top senior schools. I have taught English, History and Religious Studies at scholarship level, and also helped with current affairs and General Paper preparation, essay writing, and interview technique.

As well as preparing candidates for the Common Academic Scholarship exam I have also helped them work towards school-specific papers such as the Eton King's Scholarship (most recent scholarship in 2022), Winchester Election and Radley Scholarship.

Please do get in touch with me if you feel I may be able to help.

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