All schools have slightly different entry requirements so please contact me with specific queries. However, I have collected below a selection of links to 13+ Common Entrance revision websites, guides, notes, apps and podcasts that may be of use.  This is not an exhaustive list so please get in touch if you would like any additional pointers.​

EnglishYAKBooks and Grammar and Punctuation Exercises (some quite tricky!).  Furthermore, there are some good notes here.  In addition, I have written a set of revision notes for English.


MathsMathletics (requires the purchase of an annual subscription), That QuizMaths GenieTimes Tables Rock Stars, Seneca Learning plus some excellent revision notes here.


Science: Revision notes and a large number of multiple choice practice questions here (from Papplewick) and here (from Seneca Learning).


FrenchLanguages Online and Duolingo.


LatinVir Drinks Beer and Cambridge Latin Course.  The Pipiatum app is also good (here are iOS links to Level 1Level 2 and Level 3).  In addition, I have my own revision notes for Latin.


HistoryHistory on the Net and excellent notes on this page (from Papplewick).  Seneca Learning is another useful resource.  In addition, I have written a set of revision notes for History.


Geography: Good notes here (from Papplewick) and here (from Seneca Learning).


In addition, here are some general links that I hope will be of use.  A number of these contain revision resources for multiple subjects.

  • The Galore Park website is useful both for past papers and for official revision publications. The revision books from CGP (English, Maths and Science) are also good.  Furthermore, good resources are available from Oaka Books.

  • The BBC Bitesize website provides useful revision resources for a range of subjects (Key Stage 3 material - relevant for Common Entrance - can be found here, with GCSE material for extension work found here).

  • In addition, the Gojimo revision app is a useful, free resource covering a range of Common Entrance subjects. Quizlet (iOS link) also contains useful revision material.

  • There are some good resources for a range of subjects here (from The Oratory Prep).

  • Furthermore, here is a link to some general information about Common Entrance, and click here to visit ISEB website (the exam board that sets the papers).  The various syllabuses can be found on this page.

  • Finally, if you are considering employing a tutor and do not feel that I am the right person to help you may want to contact some of the following well-known agencies (NB these links are not endorsements): Keystone Tutors, Oppidan Education, Bonas MacFarlane, British Home Tutors, Carfax Tutors​ and, at the more exclusive end of the spectrum, Tutors International.  

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you feel that I might be able to help.  I can offer more detailed advice on specific subjects, and I have compiled my own revision notes for some of them.

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