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Specialist Advice
for Parents

Specialist Advice for Parents: Headliner

Having been Director of Studies at two prep schools and Deputy Head at another, I am always happy to arrange consultations with parents to advise on areas including:

  • Choosing a senior school

  • School entry processes and requirements

  • The ISEB pre-test

  • Second round tests at specific senior schools (e.g. Eton, Harrow, Radley, Marlborough, etc.)

  • 13+ Common Entrance and Scholarship exams

  • Useful resources and tips for different exams

  • Revision guidance and planning

  • How best to support your child - what helps and what doesn't

  • The advantages and disadvantages of tutoring, including what to look for when choosing a tutor

These are all areas that I know and understand well thanks to nearly twenty years' experience teaching in prep schools, but I appreciate that things can sometimes appear a little mysterious "from the outside".  Therefore, please feel free to get in touch and allow me to answer any questions you may have - and hopefully reassure you.  I am happy to arrange consultations via Zoom, telephone or face-to-face.

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