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Further Information

Subjects Taught


  • Guidance for the ISEB Pre-Test

  • Preparation for school-specific assessments and interviews

13+ Common Entrance

  • English, History, Latin, Religious Studies (TPR)

13+ Scholarship

  • English, History, Religious Studies (TPR), General Topics/Current Affairs/General Paper Preparation, Interview Practice

​On the scholarship front I have experience of preparing pupils for school specific papers such as the Eton King's Scholarship, Winchester Election and Radley Scholarship in addition to the Common Academic Scholarship (used by a large number of public schools around the country).

In addition to my subject specific teaching I have worked as a mentor up to GCSE level, monitoring and supporting academic progress across the spectrum.  This includes devising and overseeing personalised revision and study programmes whilst offering attention, guidance and encouragement in order to ensure that students fulfil their potential.  For many, this is particularly relevant and important in the run up to examinations as it provides a level of personalised, individual support that would not otherwise be possible.

Destination Schools

Over the years I have successfully prepared pupils for Common Entrance examinations to schools including Eton College, Radley, Harrow, Wellington, Marlborough, Sherborne, Shrewsbury, Bradfield, Charterhouse, Ampleforth, Glenalmond, Milton Abbey, Stowe, Rugby, Oundle and Dean Close, and entrance examinations to Winchester College.

​My former pupils have also won scholarships to Winchester College, Radley, Eton, Harrow, Marlborough, Shrewsbury, Uppingham, Rugby, Abingdon, Stowe, Bradfield, The Oratory, Sedbergh, St Edward’s, Oundle, Gordonstoun, Glenalmond, Strathallan, Fettes, Royal Hospital School, Ampleforth, Culford and Downe House.

Where I Teach

As far as face-to-face teaching is concerned, as a general rule I teach in the South East of England - London, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. However, I am happy to travel any distance (within reason) although it goes without saying that the volume of teaching I am doing in any one place needs to be sufficient to make the journey worthwhile. Furthermore, I am happy to do a small amount of tutoring online, although this is a poor second best compared to face-to-face teaching.

When I Teach

Please note that, given my school commitments, I tend to be available for private teaching during the major holidays only. My diary also fills several months in advance. Therefore, I am unable to take on long-term roles and my tutoring tends to be relatively "concentrated" - interview preparation and mock interviews (at both pre-test and scholarship level), subject specific revision and reinforcement, focused exam paper preparation and more general academic mentoring - helping to devise and oversee individual revision and study programmes to guide pupils' preparation in advance of exams. That said, even if I am unable to schedule any teaching I am often able to assist on a consultancy basis should this be required. Therefore, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss whether I may be able to help.


My standard rate for both private tuition and consultancy work is £100 per hour. I am happy to provide a thorough breakdown of my fees on request.

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