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Expert Consultancy for ISEB Pre-Test Preparation

Expert Consultancy for ISEB Pre-Test Preparation: Headliner

Having spent twenty years preparing pupils for public school entry exams, I specialise in providing personalised guidance and support to help children achieve their full potential, monitoring and supporting their progress while offering expert advice to parents.

The assistance I provide can be tailored according to your specific requirements, but may include some of the following elements:

Initial Consultation

A thorough consultation to understand your child’s current academic standing, learning style and goals, followed by advice on how to build on these.

Continuous Progress Monitoring and Feedback
Keeping track of your child’s progress is essential for successful test preparation.  I can provide regular, detailed feedback on how your child is progressing, identifying areas that require additional focus and offering guidance on how these may be addressed.

Expert Test-Taking Strategies
Success in the ISEB pre-test demands more than just knowledge; it also requires effective test-taking strategies.  I can suggest tips and techniques to help your child tackle different types of questions effectively, as well as helping them to approach the day of the test with confidence.

Parental Guidance and Involvement
As a parent, your involvement is crucial to your child’s success.  I can offer ongoing advice and support to help you understand the preparation process and how best to assist your child.  Regular updates and consultations ensure you are always informed about your child’s progress and any necessary adjustments to their learning plan.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring with a Holistic Approach to Learning
Children who are successful in their ISEB pre-test will often be called for second-round assessments.  I have prepared pupils for many such tests at a large number of senior schools (including Eton, Harrow, Marlborough, Winchester, Sherborne, Stowe and many others) and have a good knowledge of both the formats and requirements of these assessments.  Many boarding senior schools will want your child to talk about their wider interests – sport, music, art, drama and hobbies.  It is crucial not to neglect these when focusing on preparing for the ISEB pre-test.  I can offer tips on how to help your child approach their test preparation conscientiously and tackle the test calmly, as well as encouraging them to keep up with their wider, extra-curricular activities and interests.

Interview Preparation

Second round assessments invariably include at least one interview.  In general, senior schools do not want prospective pupils to be “coached” for these as they would prefer to see them relaxed and natural.  However, it is important for candidates to feel confident and unfazed on the day, thus a certain amount of sensible preparation and forethought - with which I can help - is immensely beneficial.

Using Atom Learning for ISEB Pre-Test Preparation
I use Atom Learning as the primary platform to help pupils prepare for their ISEB pre-tests.  Atom Learning provides an adaptive learning experience tailored to your child’s individual needs, ensuring they receive the personalised support necessary to excel.  Integrating Atom Learning into my consultancy services enables me to monitor your child’s progress and set them personalised, targeted tasks.  This allows your child to benefit from top-quality educational technology combined with expert guidance and support.

Although my school commitments mean that I am not usually in a position to take on regular tuition for the computerised elements of the ISEB pre-test, I can occasionally help on an advisory / consultancy basis - including advising on second round assessments such as the Eton list test, Harrow test and similar assessments at other schools.  Get in touch now to learn more about how I can assist with your child’s ISEB pre-test preparation.

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