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Useful Websites for 11+ Pre-Test Preparation

There are many useful websites to help with preparation for the 11+ ISEB Pre-Test. A few of these include:

Atom Learning. An excellent, adaptive platform used by a large number of prep schools. In fact, some senior schools are now using Atom to conduct their own bespoke entry tests. Mock ISEB pre-tests available. Considered by many to be the best. Whilst the subscription may seem expensive, put in context it's far cheaper than regular coaching from a good tutor.

Planet Bofa. One of the original online platforms; still a great resource and very competitively priced compared to many of the others. Mock tests available.

Pretest Plus (from Exam Papers Plus). Many excellent resources across the sites and a wide range of video lessons to purchase. Also a large number of mock pre-tests available.

Further information about the ISEB Common Pre-Test can be found here, and a brief familiarisation test is here.

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